In the lower part is eight function keys:

Tetris Online

The classic Tetris with the ability to play online one to one like a game from the 90's. Even the box design is identical. Many who see him for the first time, feel a wave of nostalgia. This manual console came about in 1994. She was known on the market under such names as "Super BRICK GAME 9999 in 1" or "8 in 1". The toy became a hit and won the hearts of many gamers. Today it is experiencing a Renaissance and transferred to a digital format.

The rules of the game

The game takes place on a two-dimensional field "glass" size of 10 to 20 cells. From top to bottom figures are falling tetrominoes (4 cube). The player has the ability to move them horizontally and rotate until the falling figure does not abut any surface (the edge of the field, other shapes, the bottom of the glass). Right on the screen the player sees that he will fall further Next, this allows you to plan moves.

If the cubes will completely fill any row, it disappear. You get a certain number of points. Everything was higher, the fall in the number of missing ranks. The player's task is simple: to score points as long as the figure touches the upper edge of the playing field. The best score points – is stored in memory.

The history of the game

The opportunity to play Tetris we owe to the engineer-programmer of the USSR Alexei Pajitnov. Tetris was invented in 1984. The game gained over several years. Total sales amounted to more than 100 million copies.